Essential Services

About Essential Services

History of Essential Services.

In May 2018, Essential Services LLC officially opened for business. The vision for this enterprise developed across the years when co-CEOs, Carl Bloms and Jesse Lugo, worked as DSP’s in both private and public sectors. Jesse helped those who had disabilities regain life skills and Carl worked as a health care specialist in the Army. While serving in these capacities, they often talked of finding a better way to care for those with disabilities and in the process, establish a more rewarding work environment for DSP’s. As a result of their long hours of conversation and because they had known each other for most of their lives, it seemed fitting that they would go into business together. 

The key components of their business plan were two-fold:
1) ensuring that clients received the specific care they needed and 2) that providers not only had a voice in the plan of care, but would also enjoy competitive pay and a choice of full-time or part-time hours. In addition, Essential Services LLC was created with two distinguishing values. First, to build a company where the care providers and administrative staff are valued and respected. Secondly, to create a company where clients are treated with respect and dignity.

Having clarified their intent, the necessary legal process began: to meet the criteria established by the State of Oregon to become a certified provider agency. In May 2018, the company opened with 5 clients and a small number of DSP’s working primarily in Yamhill County. Initially operating out of their homes, Carl and Jesse quickly broadened their clientele, DSP’s and added an administrative team—all of which allowed them to expand their services to Marion, Polk, Washington and Clackamas counties. In March 2020, the business moved into office space in McMinnville, Oregon.