Meet Our Team 

Having a great team helps our clients succeed! Our mission is to provide the best quality of care for our clients through creating a professional, personable, and educational environment. With our highly qualified team of direct support professionals, we strive to reinforce and improve the daily lives of our clients.

Carl Blooms, CEO

Carl Bloms
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Carl Bloms is a founding member and Chief Executive Officer of Essential Services LLC and has a long history of helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

As an early adult, he enlisted in the United States Army as a Healthcare Specialist, where he served for six years. Following his time in the Active Army, he served for two years in the Oregon National Guard.

As a healthcare specialist, he has had to deal with the emotional and mental problems of others during crisis situations. Using compassion and listening to understand, Mr. Bloms has been able to help those in crisis find solutions to better their lives.

He enjoys helping people develop and sustain themselves within any situation they find themselves in. He believes that in order to be an exceptional leader, one must listen, observe and empathize.

His mission at Essential Services LLC is to create a positive environment so that clients can learn how to adapt and overcome on their own accord.

Mr. Bloms achieved a bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Western Oregon University in 2014.

Jesse Lugo • Chief Executive Officer

Jesse Lugo
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Jesse Lugo is a founding member and Chief Executive Officer of Essential Services LLC and is dedicated to advancing the lives of those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

He is committed to the values of community inclusion, self-direction, quality services and positive supports for the clients of Essential Services LLC.

A core belief of Jesse Lugo is that an exceptional leader is one that leads by example. He believes that by listening to understand, to staff and clients, he can guide them in making good choices.

Mr. Lugo’s interest in providing services to people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities started in 2001 when his brother was diagnosed with autism. He watched his brother continually struggle with daily tasks at home and in the community and wanted to help him create a better life.

During that time Mr. Lugo saw how hard his mother worked to maintain a good quality of life for her family while carrying for herself and her autistic son. As a result, Mr. Lugo decided he wanted to help others find a way to sustain themselves and learn life skills in order to become self-sufficient within their own community.


Lisa Miller
Event Coordinator

Lisa Miller is the Event Coordinator for Essential Services LLC. She started as a Direct Support Professional in 2018 after learning about Essential Services LLC’s mission to help those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

As a Direct Support Professional Lisa learned the value of providing not only basic daily care but encouraging clients to experience and learn new things. That experience gave her insight into her current position as Event Coordinator.

As the Event Coordinator she organizes events for the benefit of all Essential Services LLC’s clients, providing a safe environment for them to meet new friends, connect with old friends, develop social skills, and be challenged to learn new skills and experience new adventures. These events are designed to explore the outdoors, be involved in the community, play games and practice social skills.

Lisa Miller enjoys working for Essential Services LLC because of the compassion they have for each individual they meet, the steps taken to help an individual accomplish a goal and that an individuals’ wellbeing is a priority.

Dawn Hooley, Accounting

Dawn Hooley

Dawn Hooley joined Essential Services LLC in January 2020 as the Head Accountant. In her role as head accountant, she maintains all aspects of payroll and BOLI compliance, the proper reporting of client hours and maintaining the company’s financial records.

Being a part of the business world with an emphasis in accounting for most of her career, Dawn has developed skills of organizing, record keeping and looking at how to create systems that create the best possible growth model. Working behind the scenes she ensures that the Direct Support Professionals, Administrative Team and co-CEO’s have all that they need to perform their roles with excellence.

Learning about people and what makes them smile is one of the reasons that Dawn finds Essential Services LLC a rewarding place to work.


Samuel Schmidt

Samuel Schmidt joined the Essential Services LLC Administrative Team in January 2020. After graduating high school, Samuel joined the United States Army National Guard full time as an Active Guard Reserve and held various positions including Infantryman, Logistics NCO, Aviation Operations Specialist, Retirement Points and Accounting Manager and Human Resources Specialist. It was in the United States Army National Guard that Samuel developed organizational skills, learned to problem solve and developed the ability to see a project to completion.

When offered a position in the start-up, Essential Services LLC, he viewed it as an opportunity to use his skills in helping the company expand.

As a member of the Administrative Team, Samuel maintains client and staff records, ensures that client hours are properly accounted for and that staff have all the necessary tools to perform their duties. Samuel views his position on the Administrative Team as a way to contribute to helping those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.