Essential Services

Tiffany Hutton

Event and Training Supervisor

Tiffany is the Event & Training Supervisor for Essential Services LLC and joined the administrative team in July 2022. She has years of experience with planning and coordinating events with other organizations. Being passionate about making people happy, Tiffany thinks outside the box to bring new and exciting events to life as well as making sure all events are a success. She works hard to ensure that at least two to three events are offered each month. In January 2024, Tiffany added the role of Training Supervisor to her position. Her demonstrated ability to multitask and her attention to detail puts her in position to assist all our employees in staying in compliance with State mandated guidelines.

As the Event Specialist she organizes events for the benefit of all Essential Services LLC’s clients. The events provide a safe environment for clients to meet new friends, develop existing friendships, develop social skills, and give clients the opportunity to learn new skills and experience new adventures. Within her role as Training Supervisor, she is working to ensure our direct support professionals as well as our administrative team are supported as they complete each of their 24 hours of yearly training.